Certified Organic

Our mission is to remain on the leading edge of industry trends and technology, allows us to continually meet the growing demand for Natural, Organic and “Certified Organic” products. We custom formulate and manufacture effective and natural cosmetic and personal care products for the face, body, bath and shower to meet USDA Certified Organic standards.

Natural and Organic Ingredient Library
We have developed an extensive library of natural and organic product formulations. Working with leading suppliers of organic ingredients, we have screened numerous waxes, emollients, essential oils, botanicals and other ingredients to compile a pallet of the highest quality raw materials. These ingredients are building blocks for the custom organic products we create to meet the high standards of performance and consistency demanded by our customers.

Our customers include major marketers to the Health and Beauty industry who are responding to the increasing demands of consumers for healthier cosmetic and personal care products. Without universally-accepted standards for “natural” products in the United States, the only guarantee of the origin of ingredients is the on-label certification that products meet USDA standards.Being able to label products “Certified Organic” adds value to the finished product for consumers and gives marketers a peace of mind that comes from this qualification and oversight of our manufacturing facilities, processes and ingredient sourcing.

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