Exfoliating is a vital part of good skin health; the removal of dead skin cells from the surface prepares skin to absorb other treatments such as moisturizers or serums. Design your scrub to target a specific part of the body: face, body, lips, hands, and feet. Choose oil based scrubs for their ultra-moisturizing benefits, in traditional forms or thick and creamy formulas or choose a water-based formulation. Glycerin based scrubs are non-greasy and can be all-natural with natural sugars, vegetable glycerin, and marine polysaccharides.

  • Select from a variety of salts and sugars to create a specific exfoliate experience
  • Add additional exfoliates like ground walnut shells, bamboo pieces for color, texture and claims
  • Choose from a broad range of vegetable/plant oils and luxurious butters to nourish, sooth and moisturize skin
  • Opt for thick and creamy, whipped and foaming, or traditional oil base scrub
  • Choose a dry form for a unique exfoliating experience
  • Enhance visual appeal with fruit seeds, grains, colored beads or shimmer
  • Boost performance and claims with extracts, vitamins, and other additives
  • Develop with or without foaming
  • Design specifically for needs of women or men
  • Formulate for face, lips, hands, feet and body
  • Heat induction seals to prevent leakage and provide tamper evidence
  • Customize with your signature scent

Available in certified organic, organic and all-natural.

Packaging options:

  • Flexible squeeze tubes
  • Wide mouth jars
  • Tins
  • Jars

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